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Presentation is everything when running a business, with customers and clients judging you based on everything they see or hear. Just as first impressions are vitally important when trying to make a sale, the first impressions of your business a visitor makes can make the difference between winning or losing their business.

An immaculate, well-maintained lawn sends a clear message to every visitor that you are serious business, with real attention to detail.

Affordable Lawn Service can create perfect commercial green space, at prices virtually any operation can afford. We specialize in property maintenance, and are fully licensed and insured for commercial work. We are also happy to work with you to develop a service schedule that meets your needs and budget, from every few days to once a month.

Whatever you need to make the right impression, we’re here to provide it.

All the Commercial Lawn Service a Business Needs

Our workforce has extensive experience working on a wide variety of lawn and landscaping types, with over fifteen years’ experience serving Solano, Yolo, and Napa Counties.

We can handle:

Mowing and Weeding: No property is too large, including full hospital complexes or managed communities. We can ensure your lawn is kept trim, well-watered, and looking beautiful.

Hedging and Trimming: If you’re enhancing your property with decorative plants, they need to be maintained with the same care you would put into your buildings. Our experts can keep them in perfect condition.

Seeding and Fertilizing: Does your lawn need a touch-up, or are you adding greenspace? Affordable Lawn Service can repair or extend your lawn while making it seamless.

Raking and Cleanup: Debris will accumulate on a lawn, especially in the fall. We can maintain its pristine condition and handle all haulage away from your property.

Pest Removal: Don’t let invasive invaders destroy your property value. We use the latest in safe, eco-friendly pest control methods to remove any unwanted pests and prevent them from damaging your lawn.

Soil Treatment: Are your plants not growing as well as you’d like them to? We are happy to run tests on your soil, and apply corrective measures to bring its pH and nutrient levels to optimal conditions.

Sprinkler Installation and Maintenance: A great lawn requires a great sprinkler system to keep it lush and green, especially during record-breaking heat waves. We offer full irrigation services along with all maintenance and tune-up needed to keep it flowing.

Safe, Affordable, Effective Commercial Lawn Service 

No other contractor in southern California can offer the same range of commercial lawn services with the reasonable rates that Affordable Lawn Service offers.

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